Green WaterNanoTechnology

Green WaterNanoTechnology (GWNT) is a Romanian company dedicated to the advanced research of applied smart multifunctional composite materials.  Our composite materials are engineered at the nano level and optimized at the molecular level for the efficient and highly effective remediation of contaminated air and wastewater.  We believe our research must not be theoretical, but geared toward applied sciences that allow for cost effective mass production of our inventions.

We have created UndasNanite, the first multifunctionalized smart composite material for the effective cleaning of wastewaters. UndasNanite is designed to work effectively against all classes of wastewater contamination including highly toxic organic and inorganic compounds, heavy metals, cyanide’s, hydrocarbons, etc.  UndasNanite represents a revolution in the wastewater industry that will lower fixed costs by over 50% and operating costs by 30-60% worldwide.  The simplicity of UndasNanite allows for wastewater scrubbing to finally reach SME’s and developing countries worldwide with minimum OPEX and CAPEX.

Our second achievement and related composite material, AeriusNanite is specifically engineered for air quality.  AeriusNanite effectively cleans flue gas emissions from coal power plants and incinerators.  AeriusNanite effectively scrubs mercury, sulfur oxides, nitrous oxides, PM 2.5, and most importantly CO2 from flue gas emissions.

Our smart composite materials work by first attracting and bonding wastes to the composite, then degrading the wastes into safe products through various embedded functions.  After the composite material is depleted, the used material is safe, stable and inert.  It can be used as either a fertilizer or a biomass, allowing for its effective disposal.

Currently GWNT is in the process of patenting its technology and working on gaining integration with various companies. We have made several trips to the USA, EU, and in May India to demonstrate our abilities.  It is the goal of GWNT to open its first factory in Romanian before the end of September 2015, with the commencement of worldwide sales to begin soon after.